Sunday, April 29, 2007

Laptop RAM Upgraded

Today I got my Laptop's RAM upgraded to 1GB. Now I can try researching more on virtualization specially full virtualization using KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine). And yeah now I can run more app's simultaneously in my Redhat5. I am almost finished writing my next article on how to configure Redhat Enterprise5 to use full virtualization provided by KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine).

This article helped me learn how I can build my own rpm's using the source rpm's provided by Redhat. That was really nice. I got my whole virtualization stuff in Redhat5 upgraded to the latest version.

And yeah I am working on my website too. Don't know when I will get satisfy with the design and stuff I am hosting.

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pss said...

Laptop RAM Ok Upgraded thanks to papa but do some thing which is known to all and bring you out from unknown power to known power and papa sees a rising power