Sunday, January 13, 2008

/me back to blogging

Well, again it's been quite a while since I blogged. Truly speaking it was me who never felt interest in writing again but now I think that I should write (silly me :-P).
Lot of things have happened since my last post. In the month of October I had a visit to my native place (my village), spent almost 10 days at places like Mukungarh (Dadosa's home), Sainswas (my village) and Pilani (visit to a friends place). That was a nice holiday. Got to know alot of things about my ancestors and history.
In November I was majorly at home (Jaipur) with family for the diwali celebrations. That was also a nice time. But had to came back to so called work place (Jodhpur) to do some stuff. In the last week I started again, teaching some of my friends GNU/Linux considering Centos 5.1 for the job.
December was party time. Had alot of parties and picnic's and all. Learned quite alot of things in GNU/Linux, majorly not regarding programming but from the point of view of system administration. It's been a while since I programmed stuff. New year party was great. Had my favorite stuff (non-veg).
January 2008 have come. The start was again with parties and enjoyment. Nothing serious about studies (as usual). Got the second semester result. That was fine. Now again the exam season is ringing bells. Seriously speaking I hate these bells.
Well, a little update on what I wrote in the last post. I was working with team of 3 people on the IBM Academic project but due to my laziness that never got completed, start was perfect but we couldn't cope up with things and it died. We had submitted synopsis too but we were never able to complete the code. I had learned alot of things by that project. Most importantly stuff in advance java.
Recently I have again started doing some programming and seriously speaking that thing have inspired me to write again. Really programming is something that gives me internal pleasure. It is the ultimate thing. I wish I can keep myself always motivated for programming. But yeah let's see how it goes.
I will update on the recent stuff I am working on in the next post. Stay tune!!