Friday, April 20, 2007

New Ubuntu

Hello everybody. Last night Ubuntu feisty fawn was released. I was eagerly waiting for this distro. And the major reason for that is I found only Ubuntu as a Linux distro which can be installed and configured according to user needs in very less time. Most of the linux distros are known for there hard software installation and configuration just after installing the base operating system. Detecting most of the commonly hardware is also a pain. But I kinda like it for past few years. But then also we need some distro that can help get us other windows users a reason to use linux. I prefer to install ubuntu on my friends systems (who never worked in linux before) and they all like it. With Beryl or Compiz with a Ubuntu installation you get a dream desktop which windows users (even vista) can only dream off. With feisty comes the desktop effects by default but it's based on compiz and Ubuntu warns the user who enable those effects that they will not support that software it's just there for technology preview. Well somewhat same thing was said by Redhat when they released almost the same thing with there Enterprise 5 product last month (Client). But then user have choice to install beryl on their Ubuntu and enjoy more effects (most of the nvidia/ati guys will go for it). But the sad part of the story is that beryl is going to be merged with compiz and now there will be no beryl anymore. There will be only compiz and what we see in beryl will be ported to compiz-extras. Well this merge is under process and that's the reason we don't see any changes in the beryl source svn these days. I heard from the that after the merge there will be no more svn they will host the source on git and beryl will move to compiz-extra. Well I am just waiting and watching the progress for the moment.
For the time being I have installed Feisty and enjoying it! I have also tried some server configuration on it (just like we have in Redhat). Most notable of them so far are Bind (DNS) and Apache (Httpd).


pss said...

Work on sensetivity of mouse cursor under Ubuntu. Make it smoooth by refining the softwares like fine tunning it.

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