Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fedora 7

Well earlier today I finished downloading the Live cd release of Fedora 7 test 4 for i386. I booted out from the CD and when I saw it, it was just wow!!

Yeah the same wow!! that microsoft says for Vista. I don't know much of vista's wow! but fedora 7 is really wow!! and I can confirm that.

Notable features include fast user switching present at top right corner of the desktop (near clock). Detection of ipw3945 wireless without much hectic. The new Network Manager applet is cool in detecting these things. Pidgin (earlier called gaim) 2.0beta7. I think pidgin is specially compiled for this release. Really cool icon themes etc. Next in the line is the kernel. This release has a kernel version 2.6.20-1.3104.fc7 by default. Notable feature is KVM (kernel-based virtual machine). Next thing is the fedora live cd to hard drive installer. This is a trimmed version of anaconda basically that works wonders. It never bugged out for me even on a test release and was able to install the whole thing to the hard drive in just 10 minutes (I have 1GB RAM now). After installation I got more packages from the development repo's and installed Xen, Virtualization softwares, mysql, php etc. Xen kernel bugged out for me during booting and I couldn't try it. Maybe I install some other version of Xen kernel in it. This release comes with compiz. Desktop looks great, clear and attractive when we enable desktop effects (compiz) but then some problem occur during windows movement. And I have to close it.

This release comes with a blog entry post software and I am posting out this blog post using that software! Really cool piece.

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