Saturday, October 06, 2007

Random Stuff

Today morning I was reading #fedora at freenode a little carefully and found this (nice to read it once hahaha):

04:30 < R0CK> Hello guys
04:31 < R0CK> any news about the add/remove software ?
04:31 < opsec> R0CK: ask a real question or no one will respond to you
04:32 < R0CK> I'm having problem on pirut, It's hanging when i run it,.
04:32 * opsec puts on his mid reading hat
04:32 < opsec> R0CK: and?
04:32 < BULLE> R0CK: that seems to be a common problem lately
04:32 < opsec> run it from the command line ..
04:32 < R0CK> opsec, I know very well how to ask my questions.
04:32 < opsec> if you get an error -->
04:33 < opsec> R0CK: no, you don't
04:33 < R0CK> opsec, well, my question was any news about the issue?
04:33 < opsec> there is no issue that i know of
04:33 < R0CK> opsec, don't try to be intelligent baby, you`re here since yesterday.
04:33 < opsec> either run it from the command like and paste the error to or use yumex instead
04:34 < opsec> R0CK: i'm done with you moron.
04:34 < R0CK> opsec, then stop supporting me,

It happens alot of time at #fedora.

Talking about the other thing I did this week was to finish the synopsis document for my project. It was a great experiencing learning how to make Data Flow Diagrams, Use case model etc. Learned alot. Now the team started writing the nasty code thingie.

The Captcha code for the JAVA Project is finished and now I have to figure out how can i insert the captcha module into the project and use it whenever I need it. I had to also learn packages/interface's in JAVA. The other thing on my agenda is XML and handling XML via JAVA because I can sense that it will be needed in the project during some point of the life cycle (and my personal attraction to XML).

The progress on my secret python project is going good. I have been doing the testing stuff for a long time now with a different nick on freenode and it seems to perform well for the moment. I had to see a better alternative to CGI and supported by my shell provider so I can get a better stat's page.

Downloaded Oracle 11g for Linux and will give it a try soon, need to learn how to configure a Oracle database server and configure/install clients so that they can utilize the server database instance.

It has been along time and there are lot of articles piling up in my docs stack. I got to find sometime to finish them up and upload on to my server (most important of them is the samba plus ldap guide for the fedora-docs team).

I was happy to make the TATA indicom internet connection working on Fedora. Now I can hope that some more people get involved into the learning Linux stuff (more closely).

From above it seems like a busy yet exciting weekend ahead. Hmm..

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