Sunday, September 09, 2007

/me Status Update

After along time I got some time to write at this place. Well for quite some months I have been working in Python and stuff related to it. The important things I worked on in python were XML stuff, IRC/Google Talk API's provided in Python, writing bots (irc, gtalk) and learning XML parsing.

Then I got busy in my 2nd semester examination which were a total hell (took the hell out of me).

Now that my exams are over and I got some time I decided to roll upon some new stuff. First is a secret project I have started working on (in python) and second is JAVA. Truely speaking I have never done JAVA sincerely though I got alot of time to do it. But now I decided to look around and started working on the Core stuff (as JAVA is in my current semester).

The other important thing these days is the IBM Challenge program going on in which I have enrolled as a participant having 3 more members in my team. So meanwhile I am learning the core JAVA stuff I am also looking into the Advance JAVA stuff the web thingie. We got our team blog now thanks to /me.

So I guess probably for some more time I will not be updating this blog (my first and only blog) because of some small works I am indulged in. Keep in touch with the team blog.

See you soon.

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