Sunday, March 30, 2008

Using svn with Eclipse

Using eclipse as the IDE for my java programming has become very common these days. It's so common that I have it installed under windows xp, Fedora 8 and OSX leopard. Few days back I asked charlie for a svn account on unixpod and was able to get one by the name java-jeevan.
I thought of configuring this svn repository in my eclipse europa so that it will be easier for me to manage my code. I found to my surprise that there was no such svn thing in eclipse by default but there is one good project that provides svn functionality into the eclipse ide. Here is the project Subclipse. I just downloaded the necessary and extracted it. Then I pasted the regular files inside that directory into the corresponding eclipse subdirectories. Started eclipse and here I see a new view under the SVN group called the SVN repository. Inside this view I added a new repository location (right clicking on the SVN repository view and selecting new). It only asked me the URL of my repository which was svn:// and there it goes within few seconds I saw the repository shown inside the view and I can see my code tree inside it. Managing SVN repos is so easy from within eclipse even I can import the svn repository code into one of my projects either new or pre-existing one. It is really very easy. I went to create a new project from the new project wizard during the initial selection process I selected create a new project from svn checkout. This wizard showed me my repository and let me select the project directory I was interested in checking out into a new project in the eclipse workspace. It was pretty easy for me.
Once I started editing the code it was again very easy to commit the changes I have made into the source code just right click on the file I edited and then team->commit... It asked me my SVN password which I gave for once and saved it for future automation of this process.

Pretty cool.

That was it. Quick and dirty post :)

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Real men use emacs..